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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Struggles Of Life

Once upon a time there was this situation.
A man in twenties had the prowess, the compulsion.
Prowess to shape things, compulsion to make good things,
He was well aware of his competitive surroundings.
Spark in his eyes to see and learn,
Although he was not worried about what would he earn.

Starting days were fine, every damn thing looked good.
Morning to evening, there were different postures of mood.
Learning was not easy, leave aside work;
Days were brighter outside, inside it seemed murk.
Still he treaded on the high waves,
Thinking he could make there one day his own enclave.

Then came the struggle period of life,
Compulsion to grow was sometimes taking shape of strife.
The balance was needed between all the games,
To find his own one among the successful names.
He was determined, although sometimes uneasy,
Planning out and enacting on it kept him always busy.

Days now seemed to pass very fast,
He who has that pace can have his laugh last.
Whether or not one wins tomorrow,
One has tried hard- no regrets are there to make him sorrow.
Let his body & soul bear the ultimate pain,
One has to live through the summer to enjoy the beauty of rain.

Thoughts were conceived but not executed,
Every now and then his ideas were persecuted.
Persecution of soul and mind was at high,
No time was there to think and sigh.
With hopes of good future he marched past,
Every that thing which had a lousy cast.

Each time spent was thoughtful and enriching,
Negative or positive - inferences were taken in.
The armour was growing from front to the end,
The catalyzing factors were foes and not only friends.
Soon it was going to be death of swoon in him,
Churning the milk hard can only near someone to the dream.

There were times with jubilant achievements,
And sometimes mood was down with hurt sentiments.
Such was the atmosphere around sometimes,
Only indictment and accusations were present in the rhymes.
Nevertheless, these were the testing times,
To make revolution a success one has to endure against all kind of crimes.

At times when his burdens became tough to handle,
The thought of jews' pain would come to his limits versus determination wrangle.
Then comes picture of all the suffered people in history,
And then he would start to solve the encompassing mystery.
Strength had to be enhanced at all costs,
Strength for endurance was required the most.

Hard times are there to test a man,
Invented by god, executed on all clans.
Someday there would be wine of success to taste,
But our boy is not going to get tired and take rest.
Everybody will sleep someday to never wake up;
Before it, lets face all situations without a hiccup.


Maverick said...

real cool poems...keep up the good work! :)


Abhilasha said...

Cool yaar!! Pretty good I must say :)

Meera said...

u write really well...a great poet in the making it seems