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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thou shalt know thy Intent

It goes without saying, as some would say;
Said in some whim, intent - just the other way.
And thus hidden truth, when spoke the speaker;
As a road, in a misty day, from goal-seeking trucker.

Spoken and action - distant by time and intent,
Often, intent puncturing the actionable potent.
By intent, yet, action meets the desirable end;
Time, as a miracle, be not fiddled to comprehend.

Draft among the letters, giving way to the written truth.
Graft in the system, and born is the corrupt sleuth;
Chaff in the lung, would result into rotten breathe;
Craft in creator, as heaven boasts the beauties underneath.

Locked in the chest, effusing into realities;
Enablers doing so, are known by abilities.
Shape or drape - the potential varies,
Lofted or grounded  impression, as one carries.

Pinned intent often robs off life's charm,
As wasting fertility, without labor, of a farm.
But farms offer rotten crops, and when offered;
Accepting intension, early or late, in time has suffered.

Intent leads action and is led by thoughts,
Uncontrolled as they may and be numbered in lots.
If desired intent seeks stillness in its resolve,
Intent's nemesis, howsoever strong, will dissolve.