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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Feminine at its best

Those drops of love on the lips,
A woman, hurt, and my heart rips.
Gate to heaven, they are;
Touched, felt peace, at middle of war.
Red, color it wears most;
Careful, while eating a hot toast.
Among all assets you possess;
They are 2nd to eyes, swear Jesus and Moses.

A sleeping beauty, I saw and adored;
I couldn't agree more, pleasing sculpture by lord.
Lashes on eyelids, resemble feathers on wings;
Wings taking bearer to horizon of dreamy things.
No streak, no frown - delight to one's vision;
Artistic hands and serene nature in liaison.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Late one day, while lazily picking my conscience;
Saw the holes, leaking my heart.
Wondered in utter shock and disbelief –
Why things never been clearer before?

Much before, in a mystic tide’s shelter;
Had luncheons with ghosts of insidious proportion.
Vacillating tomorrows dangling in fore,
Incapacitated soul, incapacitated soul!

Vast sea, broken sail, jammed brain;
Pilferage of air from living system.
Infuriated and livid on self – till the last ditch,
Prayers of hope suppressed by wails and whines.

Out of the blue, arrived the much-awaited;
Unveiled the cracks & holes of the meted fury.
And this is how it all seemed like,
When late one day, while lazily picking my conscience.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bled and Dead Innocence

Buried in the sands of times,
Civilisations' scot-free crimes.
Surreal societal codes of conduct,
Innocence trapped in their nefarious induct.

Originality and innocence - slewed by Darwin's theory,
Beasts and demons raised in the name of bravery.
Layers of crimes thus lay through ages,
Whenever man tried learning selfish phrases.

In the shallow alleys of emotional theatre,
Deeply motivated lies punch veil craters.
Only shadows remain - last traces of purity,
With lights around even they lose longevity.

Rebel my heart, don't sink today;
Rebel my pulse, don't you fray.
Rebel my limbs, support my courage;
O! Rebellion, offered thou my dead soul to graze.

Stood once high, I invincibly convinced;
My perch however short-lived and demeanour cringed.
Necessities became dreams fading into horizon,
The tunnel end dragged deeper into oblivion.

Efforts failed as destitute leaves in spring,
Their sincerity marred by situational surrounding.
No martyr's glory but lonesome alley,
Vouched, as if, fortune to prevent my gully.

But rebel you are and will resurrect back,
Transcend with might from this marshy track.
Gorge on it, may my soul phoenicize your strength;
Abundant innocence, suckle from its breadth & length.

Slated, if innocence, such untimely death;
Harbours, every soul, if a monster beneath.
Life - you answered every puzzle,
Parched, I long you, rather forlorn hope of drizzle.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Make your move, the milieu would follow...

Freedom is my country’s biggest asset,
The belongingness to it - prime reason for us to elate.
United, we take the pledge to protect our union;
I believe we are strong – for every enemy we would be a million.
Let’s remember our motherland, all her elements;
Let’s unite our feelings, all our sentiments.
Let’s transcend the barriers of differences existing inside us,
Let’s make this determination as strong as shoulders of Hercules.
And let’s have some action in place and not mere words,
Get inspired from our freedom fighters, how against might they crossed swords.
It’s high time – adrenaline is flowing,
Let’s do something which keeps motherland’s pride glowing.
Every countryman is invited in the synergic effort of nation’s true independence,
Come, believe and agonize yourself to see it happening in front of your eye lens.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Initial Experience at my B-School

Came I here to the great institute,
Hidden were the surprises as they were mute.
New ones around were getting crucified,
Sleep was luxurious and no more a free ride.

Impression of smart work was shown good enough,
Success was made as a function of bluff.
Crying is the soul of book and pen,
Carrying the laptop now looks sane.

Life but principles was patronized high time,
Piercing through high sea was matter of prime.
Good things are due to come soon,
Prosperity is blessed after every ruin.

However, good things are also there;
But tendency for ghastly, rather nice, things to share.
Hence I started focussing on better things,
First one was when a boring class' bell rings.

Fast and first - drummed around,
This is an adult world which I had found.
No where aloofness was showered with clemency,
Always, teamwork doesn't become synergized agency.

Economics, Statistics, Law and Accounting;
On us, their pressure, was steadily mounting.
Overlooked was risking the dignity,
And this made me to taste life's salinity.

And I learnt - life hinges on these sharp things,
May not be true for all human beings.
My courage was beaming from deep inside,
Whatever happens - don't strand your own side.

With that notion, I looked for opportunities;
Let’s exercise and bring ourselves some utilities.
This kaleidoscopic life has lot to give,
To obtain that, courage is the thing to conceive.