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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Make your move, the milieu would follow...

Freedom is my country’s biggest asset,
The belongingness to it - prime reason for us to elate.
United, we take the pledge to protect our union;
I believe we are strong – for every enemy we would be a million.
Let’s remember our motherland, all her elements;
Let’s unite our feelings, all our sentiments.
Let’s transcend the barriers of differences existing inside us,
Let’s make this determination as strong as shoulders of Hercules.
And let’s have some action in place and not mere words,
Get inspired from our freedom fighters, how against might they crossed swords.
It’s high time – adrenaline is flowing,
Let’s do something which keeps motherland’s pride glowing.
Every countryman is invited in the synergic effort of nation’s true independence,
Come, believe and agonize yourself to see it happening in front of your eye lens.

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