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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The beginning of day

Petals blossom as the day is born,
Dewdrops shed from twigs, flowers and thorns.
The new born diffuses rejuvenation all around,
Mother Nature is prettier – from sky till ground.
Mist of hopes spread, as do the longer rays, all over;
Amazing is god’s art when for sketching he uses clover.
The baby whimpers with the birds’ and insects’ chirp,
Chilled is the aura as flora swings without a slurp.
Somewhere, in the blues, crescent of moon is dwindling;
Layers of vegetation snake through the fresh wind.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My visit to Nainital

My time was opportune as I set off for this place,
Place, which matches a utopia by the heaven’s grace.
Goddess’ lake, as the name suggests - Nainital;
And the sanctity is guarded by the sky touching natural wall.
This valley calls every stranger as does a mother,
I felt this on my approaching way with friends together.

Welcomed, I nested in a place, binocular in nature;
Peeping the valley’s beauty from here was its best feature.
Shopkeepers, of all types, were crooning everywhere;
Essential needs of a human, they fulfil, I swear.
Every corner of the valley, I gazed when rode over the lake;
And beauty is at its perfect efficiency for new onlooker’s sake.

Planning my left day from the boat was an easy thing,
I needed to see that the plan was my budget fitting.
The cold winds from the lake gave a reason to shiver,
My organs were freezing – from skin to as inside as liver.
Caffeine and hot drinks were sought after that ride,
Fantasised the soothed me that the drink was to provide.

The time which followed was flying fast,
Visiting devi after her endeavour’s day was our day’s last.
And she was all beaming in her glorious triumph,
Devotees around were praying, tones going up and then slump.
And the wind backed us as we walked to our nest up,
A sleep between us and next adventure was there to interrupt.

Chirped the morning as we set out once more,
To savour and enjoy the rest part of the tour.
Crept the flying basket on the rope as we watched from inside,
In publicised terms they call it as the “Ropeway Ride”.
Mother Nature caresses with her gentle cold hands every time,
Her blessings for the place are adorable to the levels of sublime.

Securing myself well from top to feet,
Set myself on horse to the peak of Dorothy’s seat.
Magnanimous was the view of town at this altitude,
The cold wind was however very rude.
And with the day descending, we ditto from the mountains;
As another adventure of that place added to the memory of our brains.

Abundance of beauty, creator must have when Nainital’s blueprint on his mind;
As the place creates a charming effect on the visitor as he leaves it behind.
Whenever Nainital comes as my mental picture,
Awaken are the memories of a place in lustre.
And awakens my desire to be in that place again,
Either physically or soaked in my dreaming lanes.