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Friday, October 9, 2009

Turmoiled Conscience

Turmoil! Turmoil! Turmoil!
Bringing heartburns & skin-boil.
Languishing markets and economies,
Revealing unscrupulous anatomies.

Affecting mechanism of households,
Dwindling money power manifolds.
Surfacing surprises - uglier to the hilt,
Forcing carefree generosity to sense guilt.

Twisting strategies, effecting bailouts;
Core untouched, caressing silhouettes.
Gyrating domino effect all around,
Cries, groans and echoes of eerie sounds.

Turmoil - nothing but an eternal phenomenon,
Our ignorant greed - its creed, its religion.
This will remain just another poetic narration,
If it not inspires our hideous evil's suppression.