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Monday, April 27, 2015

Birds of a feather flock together

Time for a story about to begin,
Demanding characters to go for hugging.
A vowel invited to a friendly ensemble –
Three kindergarten buddies & a lovely couple.

Beginning was blank and delayed,
As the trumpets blew, syllables made.
Nothing kept down enchanted drifting,
New words spun, right out gyrating.

Familiarity knotted words together -
Vernacular, food, music, places and weather.
Conventions thwarted by characters’ camaraderie,
Sentences sewed by their new friendship’s foundry.

As the planets continued moving in their paths,
The characters stumbled across publishers’ wraths.
Wrath being stupid and deceptive in nature,
The group resolved against any flexure.

Time came for partly good-byes,
The vowel accompanied buddies with childhood ties.
Together they roamed another blank slate,
Dawdling through the night, around late.

The instant connects, and those deep stories;
The whole time spent, including casual pot-pourris.
True it is, and not a blabber -
Birds of a feather flock together.

PS: In case you guys are wondering about the vowels and characters above, let me quell that confusion - it is to do with the first letters from names of people, who are represented above.