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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Noble Love

Sprinkled with passion, my minutes spent with you;
Within me, some mysterious joy gets pumped through.
Invisible, though, love wrinkles in your eyes;
But for me, priceless are those windows - in whatever shape and size.

Swell my heart, your loveless eyes with my tears;
Seeing life in same eyes, effects reverse emotional gears.
Zoomed my sight, those windows, with utopian flavor;
Wiping, all, senses of a union happening never.

Days, as pass, while you are absent;
My senses, working hard, bring past to present.
Natural forces defied, as an imaginary grip hardens;
Notwithstanding, on heart, nostalgia burdens.

Such immortal wounds, my priceless keepsake;
The selfless love, no force can shake.
Dwarf numerous inhumane societal acts,
Scandalous promises and conniving pacts.