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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Late one day, while lazily picking my conscience;
Saw the holes, leaking my heart.
Wondered in utter shock and disbelief –
Why things never been clearer before?

Much before, in a mystic tide’s shelter;
Had luncheons with ghosts of insidious proportion.
Vacillating tomorrows dangling in fore,
Incapacitated soul, incapacitated soul!

Vast sea, broken sail, jammed brain;
Pilferage of air from living system.
Infuriated and livid on self – till the last ditch,
Prayers of hope suppressed by wails and whines.

Out of the blue, arrived the much-awaited;
Unveiled the cracks & holes of the meted fury.
And this is how it all seemed like,
When late one day, while lazily picking my conscience.