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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Connections in the Universe

Success is like a bird - when it flies high it is more prone to be shot down.

Failure is like a mountain - higher the altitude more are the chances to touch the sky.

Women are like dreams - always leave us in a state of desire.

Men are like jewellery - always like to gather attraction.

Children are like god - how much they listen to you is reflected by how much you listen to them.

Lectures are like ocean depths - more is their lengths deadlier is their effect on human beings.

The loneliness of an introvert's soul and a mother's love for her child - the depth of both is unfathomable.

Passion is like the soul - life without both is a dead one.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A soul's despair

I am a free soul, let me respire;
Don't be jealous of my growth and let me aspire.
I am a good soul, let me inspire;
On all the blasphemy existing, let’s call a ceasefire.
I am a brave soul, ready to jump into the fire;
For the sake of others, let’s learn to perspire.

Run, exhaust and dream on your own;
Don’t resist the calmness when you are thrown.
Thrown in the dark alleys of maturity,
In herds, not always but lost is the serenity.
Still a life is not complete in aloofness,
This soul desires for affinity with uncompromised grace.

Burns the fire as if it has no dear neighbour,
Its soul is more energetic than lovers’ in labour.
Pains of hardship are always greater than courtship,
Perhaps the free soul is not available to become a creep.
Toiled soul seeks the bloomed valley,
And doesn’t want to get shackled in a sophisticated alley.

Wonders the soul in his moments of respite,
One life goes by, gradually evading in the night.
Existing things flow away as ashes in air,
Life, relations, countries - everything and everywhere.
And soon things vanish from the layers of memoir,
Nothing remains there to settle and nothing to repair.

This soul is free from the rich and the destitute,
Free it is from the life - which is a hidden brute.
Yet the soul enacts everytime on this earth,
As a pedestrian, on a chilled night, looking for a hearth.
In each form, it is destined for the ultimate goal;
The question thus remains - "Soul, why you become uneasy in this earthly role?"