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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bled and Dead Innocence

Buried in the sands of times,
Civilisations' scot-free crimes.
Surreal societal codes of conduct,
Innocence trapped in their nefarious induct.

Originality and innocence - slewed by Darwin's theory,
Beasts and demons raised in the name of bravery.
Layers of crimes thus lay through ages,
Whenever man tried learning selfish phrases.

In the shallow alleys of emotional theatre,
Deeply motivated lies punch veil craters.
Only shadows remain - last traces of purity,
With lights around even they lose longevity.

Rebel my heart, don't sink today;
Rebel my pulse, don't you fray.
Rebel my limbs, support my courage;
O! Rebellion, offered thou my dead soul to graze.

Stood once high, I invincibly convinced;
My perch however short-lived and demeanour cringed.
Necessities became dreams fading into horizon,
The tunnel end dragged deeper into oblivion.

Efforts failed as destitute leaves in spring,
Their sincerity marred by situational surrounding.
No martyr's glory but lonesome alley,
Vouched, as if, fortune to prevent my gully.

But rebel you are and will resurrect back,
Transcend with might from this marshy track.
Gorge on it, may my soul phoenicize your strength;
Abundant innocence, suckle from its breadth & length.

Slated, if innocence, such untimely death;
Harbours, every soul, if a monster beneath.
Life - you answered every puzzle,
Parched, I long you, rather forlorn hope of drizzle.


Pieces Of My Life said...

Tis one is dedicated 2 my dear frnd Niraj Mall as he spilled d ist lines for me...

soum21 said...

write more buddy, awaiting your new posts