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Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Last Wish

Wind of night, go to my home;
Come back with kisses from dad and mom.
Touch every room and bring back their essence,
But don't let anything hurt, don't do any nonsense.
O! wind, I am waiting for you under the moon,
Expecting you to return back soon.

Wind of night, go to my girl;
I know she is upset after our last brawl.
Give her warmth and bring her smell,
The thought of her face makes my suffering to quell.
O! wind......

Wind of night, go to my siblings;
That reminds me of my talented sister - the merit prize, in each standard, she brings.
And how could I forget our numerous innocent crimes,
Bring me all the memories of those times.
O! wind......

Wind of night, go to my friends;
Together, how we used to break the contemporary trends.
Good or bad times, we together would share;
Give my love to them and bring back theirs.
O! wind......

There are many other people whom I owe love and gratitude,
I remember them all, now when I am far and in solitude.
And the memories of the times we spent together,
Is pinching me hard as I prepare to leave them forever.
O! wind, don't be late and come back soon,
In my dying moments, I am waiting for you under the moon.

1 comment:

Basab said...

very touching...
May you have a long, happy and successful life ahead, my best wishes and God Bless...
keep writing...keep smiling...:-]