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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Political Spice

Poltics is done by politicians,
Existing mainly among Indians.
In a place where civic life is horrible,
Ministers can make their tenure durable.
A leader is now known by his party,
He has a heart - that's too corrupted and dirty.
Before elections parties display hoarding and banner,
Voting according to them tends us to suffer.
Before elections, they are on citizens' mercy,
Afterwards their behaviour becomes hoarshy.
Leaders are those who knows people's problem,
Not those who can only trouble them.
A politician should not be in criminal's favour,
He should admire those who do hard labour.
Politics can make a begger similar to a king,
can also make a donkey to sweetly sing.
Politics has allured the common man,
For which he intends now to have a golden clan.
The need of this hour is to change the system,
Which has already shown its drastic symptom.
The world needs massive revolutions,
To end the corrupted and dirty politics intiated by politicians.

1 comment:

Basab said...

fabulous - let the pen do the speaking ... keep going..