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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Life's Motto

Cold rises from north and sun in the east,
In every heart I could see a beast.
Nurtured from birth, priviledged at youth;
Even old age allows upsurging of this black truth.
Some are silent monsters, while some are aloud;
Relatively best is one who never feels proud.

Then there are some venomous creatures,
Almost disguised, always on loose for destroying fixtures.
Little do world reckons their malign acts;
They are rather praised, bestowed, suppressed are their real facts.

It's high time to correct human tendencies;
Building good ones, destroying the gremlined agencies.
If somebody is a saint, must be a real one;
Not one who huggles with god for every desire under a clan.
Life is not only meant for self enjoyment, O! man;
As it also means Lot Is For Everyone.


Basab said...

wow boy! you think ahead of your age!! but sounds wise and good -
very good - I feel the same as well..only I do not have potential to express myself - thanks on behalf of all like me.

Abhijeet said...

Life’s short & definitely got a lot for everyone.

But we waste so much of that precious time giving importance to the beast within. With the attempt of pleasing our self ego we go deaf and bury our self esteem under the shadows of darkness, on the beds of sharp thorns.

Life is a count of give and take;
The more you offer the LARGER you make.

My senses alert and patience like a lake
While I still await with my DESIRES at stake;
But how much should I bestow for ENOUGH to rake?

And is this the way today humanity’s awake?
Is life just a COUNT of give and take!!!