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Sunday, May 13, 2007

O! My fair lady

Good night-you fading under the moonlight.
Good night-let everything wid you is right.
Good night-may goodness be always in your sight.
Good night-me bidding you on your sleepy night's flight.

And when your eyes open, roads to the heaven be closed.
The world wants to be with you as if time froze.
Your presence is so sweet & euphoric,
Everyone wants companionship with you to be chronic.

However when her sound is not heard for long,
They miss in ear and heart a sweet song.
O wind! Change your direction such,
So that I don't have to miss her much.

And when the sun goes up in the sky,
The darkness around becomes a lie.
You are far or you are nigh,
I wish you always to fly high...

1 comment:

Basab said...

so... who is she ?;-) send along a photo...