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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Adorable Lord

I do not do or say; it's him,
Every action of mine is decided by his whim.
He has many a names, one is lord,
His wisdom is superb and his actions act as chord.
Chord of happiness, anger and many more,
He remains in every region's folklore.

When it was a desert, he brought life,
Adam was alone; was gifted with a wife.
Journey of life is not his only domain,
That is obvious when a pot is made from dead clay, again and again.
Yet he is so dreadful in his tricks sometimes,
Have seen many who have to sing the painful rhymes.

What lessons can these rhymes impart,
When duly inculcated, impossible to split your belief apart.
Such should be the way to make your experiment,
The lord could never take against you an act of indictment.
He is the friend, philosopher and your guide,
Flower or cactus, try to find him inside.

Juices of fruits, sweat of labour,
Aren't they related to each other?
Lord is invisible, but not blind,
Is powerful enough to read your mind.
You will find answers someday on your life's road,
Because above everything, there sits and rules the Adorable God.


Basab said...

There is a Shyama-sangeet(in bengali): which says-
shokol-i tomari ichha, ichhamoyi tara tumi, tomar kormo tumi koro maa, loke bole kori ami...
very well written Amarnath, keep going...

Lexine said...

Good words.