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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Save The Nature

O! sun, we know you are angry with our civilisation;
Of its rapidly increasing industrialisation.
One could see you becoming hotter day by day,
Ask someone to play outside - you recieve a nay.
Diplomats term this as global warming,
And highlight the aftermath - they are very alarming.

Man in swarming groups is moving directionless,
For every necessity he faces a race.
Machines are there to increase his speed,
For this sometimes life of plantation is freed.
Forests are giving way to concrete structures,
And in this process the delicate balance of environment ruptures.

Preparations are made to reach the moon,
What about our own earth, which may drown soon.
In the cobweb of popular rat races,
Man doesn't think about those delicate cases.
So much ways are now giving power to fire,
As man sets his desires - higher and higher.

Inventions are done for betterment of mankind,
Sometimes people forget future inferences in their mind.
This is when inventions are motivated by only profit,
These are the times when mankind is hardly hit.
There must be concerns about our future generations,
After the world wars we should take some lessons.

Diarrhea and cholera have almost vanished,
For culminating them power for new techniques was unleashed.
With this power came some new monsters too;
Cancer, asthma - to name a few.
How long we are going to watch the demolition?
Level of recovery process must start from a family and then to a nation.

Tomorrow when the new generation would arrive,
There must be enough fresh air for them to survive.
Lets progress with the future in mind,
In that process, lets protect it and not leave our nature behind.
Lets understand our responsibilty and lets not play the blame games,
And preserve our nature in tomorrow's name.


Basab said...

very good - pen is mightier than the sword.. so the saying goes...
so let not the flow of the pen stop- keep it up!

dwitee said...

saaley jo bhi likha hoga mast likha hai ekdam sahi but I am i have'nt read it yet..