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Monday, May 14, 2007


Money! Money! Money!
Brighter than sunny
Sweeter than honey
Darker than rainy
A man, in its absence, becomes boney
It's not funny.

By this a man can make other a donee.
Having this money in many,
A man makes himself gainy.
Money's smallest and oldest ingredient is penny
By worrying about it a fat man gets converted to leany
Is very important to take care of my granny.

Its consumers are many
It's more glittering than greeny
By the greed of money,
The love between brothers and friends meets a tyranny.
Money! Money! Money!


Basab said...

very true - keep talking amarnath - well done...

kundan said...

Money is honney...Mai nahi dutta sir bolta

dilnawaaz said...

love how blatantly u put it all n love the hilarious undertone of sarcasm ^_^