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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rhythmic Colt-To-Horse

A wild colt, when growing up;
Alien to reins, saddle and stirrup.
Trot-Canter-Galloping in freedom,
The colt catches its natural rhythm.

As the colt grows further,
A city fair camps as a neighbour.
The fair had a fairy-tale doll,
Amazed colt asked her for a ball.

The shy doll feared her master,
Courage - she couldn't muster.
Rejected the colt's invitation,
The colt sank in utter dejection.

The fair stayed for two days,
Full of shows, songs and plays.
In background, colt sulked and longed;
The fair was leaving - finally, it gonged.

Days passed, alongside each night,
The colt grew taller and in might.
Trot-Canter-Galloping in freedom,
The colt enters into a horse' rhythm.

While trotting lazily and grazing grass,
The horse, one day, saw a big animal pass.
It carried many animals within,
Instead of heart, driven by an engine.

The horse leaped at the bus,
Which already was in a rush.
The bus sped past galloping horse,
Horse was no match to its machinery force.

Then, some more seasons went by;
With them, came and left many a passerby.
Trot-Canter-Galloping in freedom,
The horse feels world's apathetic rhythm.

So goes the story of this colt-to-horse,
To get a true friend, enrolls into a course.
Riders climbed on the horse' back,
And the horse was to run on track.

The horse finds companions it can value,
Many rode, but special bond developed with few.
Now, trot-canter-galloping in half-freedom;
The horse realizes the reality's rhythm.


Time Traveller said...

nice one

Ramakant Pradhan said...

Sublime! Wonderful lines.

ramya rajaram said...

dis poem resonates wid the finesse of emily dickinson . i wud like u to read dis poem called the railway train wherein the poet draws a comparison between the horse and the modern day invention the train. the horse versus the horsepower

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