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Monday, September 9, 2013

Till the hold not let loose

Deep in the thick forest of mind's thoughts,
Harbors a creature, meshed in sordid knots.
To some, it imparts anxiety and for others, pain;
And yet are some who derive enormous gain.

Around a face, it forms a veil of scandal;
Crept along a name and personifies a vandal.
Shadows the time to chronicle a holocaust,
Infiltrates the minds and kindness is lost.

Lighted roads embark into a dark course,
Sighted joy turns into an afflicting remorse.
Rooted faith turns volatile as and when,
A Controversy edges through the mental terrain.

Though devious, many a souls are inspired;
A parasite for whom the host has aspired.
Euphoric at the start, one is so propelled;
As a ship, before hitting iceberg, has sailed.

Warmed skin, but the heart freezes in despair;
Protective layer, yet numbed by frost in air.
Visible shore, but storm has its tentacles on;
Paradox is the fiber that all Controversies don.

Seeded and nurtured in a discerning  mind,
Against the precedence, do the senses bind.
Locks the tantalizing shackles of a Controversy,
Destiny meets an enemy with no mercy.

Situation, conversation, feeling or perception;
A Controversy has abound places of inception.
Reins of determination or deprivation - no use,
Till the hold, on Controversial rope, not let loose.


Ramakant Pradhan said...

Lovely rhyming lines. Keeping writing more.

soumik parida said...

Loved it :)