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Sunday, September 29, 2013

In the World of Thoughts

Jumping, bubbling and growing sort;
Springs this thing which we call a thought.
At times light, otherwise heavy;
Sometimes a nerd, sometimes savvy.

Flashing for seconds to living for a lifetime;
Thoughts behind every act - charity or crime.
Seeping, creeping and flooding sort;
Flows this thing which we call a thought.

Surreal at times, a thought wonders the sky;
And when closer to reality, puffs the desire dry.
Flying, tripping and crashing sort;
Moves this thing which we call a thought.

Passion in mind, and a thought is born;
Even does it die, as a thinking mind is worn.
Rising, sinking and floating sort;
Tenures this thing which we call a thought.

A thought's expression is choked in a jailed mind,
With a brave soul, though, its horizon is difficult to find.
Cowing, braving and unleashing sort;
Expresses this thing which we call a thought.

An observing eye with a magnifying lens,
An exploring ship without directions' sense.
Adventurous, oceanic and wandering sort;
Appears this thing which we call a thought.

Many a name, many a form;
A thought perambulates without a home.
As a thought travels from its dawn to twilight,
Joy or sorrow - products of this psychic diet.


ramya rajaram said...

its beautiful to say the least .profound artistic and yet doesnt give in to the temptations of abstraction.The last paragarph truly encapsulates the essence of the poem i.e is ruminations
you know wat they say of books .....tat they re frozen thoughts in print and here i regaled in reading the true nature of thoughts , expounded wid a surgeons precision

Ramakant Pradhan said...

The bubbling + sort thing made me think of Bubble Sort :)

A lovely journey though the world of thoughts!

Pieces Of My Life said...

Bubble Sort...true computer developer, Rama....even comments in terms of algorithmic language

Pieces Of My Life said...

Nicely put, Ramya...thanks for such lovely words

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Pieces Of My Life said...

Thanks App Development Company India. Wish you a good luck in your endeavors!