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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Angel I Met Once

Seeing the girl, I was charmed;
Her electrifying personna had my heart rammed.
O! I wish I don't get departed from her,
For eternity, love to become this angel's admirer.

But she is like that wet surface,
When goes - doesn't leave a trace.
And I become the victim of this mirage,
Drowned in her thoughts passed my days.

And when I reeled heavily for her,
I fall asleep and become again an observer.
She calms down my nerves in my virtuality,
No tranquiliser can do so in the reality.

Wind was gushing in and out,
Her memory was around me as a silhouette.
Her materialization fluctuated in fore,
And my pain has its own beauty to adore.

My pain is so subtler than hers,
Cancer was all over her blood layers.
Each passing moment – she gasped to survive,
What could be more horrendous for a child of age five?

She finally responded to her caller,
Her pain relieved and mine got taller.
O! Angel may your soul rest in peace forever;
And my child – your father could forget his angel never.


Ahzam said...

Hey Amar... U r improving dude... Post the one u wrote while u were here...

Niraj said...

The poet in you seems to be blooming .....gud luck

Ann said...

really touching 1....m sure its one among ur gems

khushi said...

your poems are very meaning full.
i love your poems.

Ramakant Pradhan said...

very touching lines...